Why is it so difficult to change your lifestyle all by yourself?

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We are all part of a family, a community of friends, colleagues and neighbours. We are affected by society, our country, the culture which we belong to and all the advertising and attitudes of our surroundings. We have a time-schedule at work, fixed family relations, customs we adhere to, all in place since our childhood. We have different priorities and our economical situation differs.  All these factors affect us in different ways.

By Agneta Schnittger

  1. I turn 45 years old soon and I’m worried about aging. I have put on some weight during the last 15 years and lost my youth fulness.
  2. I often feel tired and have difficulties climbing stairs. If I can find a lift or escalator, I certainly use it. Normally, I choose the parking space closest to the entrance of the shop. I don’t like standing in long queues.
  3. I have backache and painful joints. I suffer from water retention in the heat or during menstruation.
  4. My Menstrual cycle has become irregular and I feel irritated and moody at certain times of the month. This causes problems at home and I easily quarrel with my family.
  5. I suffer from a bloated abdomen and struggle with simple tasks like tying my shoelaces.
  6. I have a low libido and have lost intimacy with my partner.
  7. I don’t sleep very well any more. I often wake during the night, suffering from anxiety, hot flushes and stomach ache.
  8. Although I know I shouldn’t, I sometimes skip meals and often miss breakfast.  During my day I find that there isn’t enough time for a regular lunch and I eat on the run. In the evenings, when I get home from work, I am too tired to cook. I often feel hungry during the day and often snack between meals.
  9. Before we had kids, I used to do many different sports, several times a week. Now, I find it very difficult to fit in any exercise.
  10. I haven’t seen my GP for a check-up for a long time. I worry that I might suffer from ailments such as hypertension, lack of iron and vitamins or perhaps I have diabetes like my mother – or even worse – cancer. I should make an appointment to see my doctor!

Why should I start now?

If you experience some of the problems above, you could act now to avoid future health problems. You are in the middle of your life so it’s not too late to change your lifestyle and stay healthy for the rest of your life.

Why visit Mas Rabassan?

When you stay in your usual surroundings, life goes on as it always has with all the usual distractions. It’s difficult to find the time to reflect, to collect information and to be inspired by the new ideas that will lead to a change in your life.

What kind of challenges are you up against?

  1. It is not enough to be aware of the fact that there is something wrong.
  2. You have to recognise the importance of your condition to make a decision.
  3.  have to find out how to use the tools available to make the change come about.
  4. And you have to have realistic goals!

What can we do at Mas Rabassan to help you?

We welcome you to the Mas for a week or a long weekend, relaxing, finding peace close to nature. You will be able to stroll around the vineyards and oak forests, but also visit many interesting, colourful villages and wonderful nature sites.

To achieve your project of « changing life style », we recommend four seminars during a week stay or three seminars over a weekend; interactive, tailored nutrition, different menus, therapeutic regimes, eating behaviours, how to set goals and how to get there, and then follow up.

By Dr Agneta Schnittger



About the Author

Agneta Schnittger
Agneta Schnittger, Med Dr, med svensk specialistutbildning i gynekologi och obstetrik samt fransk vidareutbildning i nutrition och diabeteskunskap på medicinska fakulteten, universitetet i Montpellier.

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